Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday 2/19/08

Hello you thousands of listeners,
So first off I'd like to draw attention to a story off Alex Jones' infowars.com site: 

We'll talk about this in-depth on the show, but this article is most certainly worth reading.
Here's the link from the above article to a report from bio-medicine.


If you'd like to protest the Obama/Clinton debate, it's this Thursday, Feb. 21, at 7pm at the UT Rec. Center. Here's a map:

Or, if you'd like to attend the Ron Paul rally, meaning that you'd actually like to elect someone that wants to change thing, and actually is posed to do so, here's the info:

Ron Paul Rally
Saturday, February 23rd
Main Mall of UT, at 4pm (1400 people have already stated, via online directories, that they'll be attending, so get there early!)

Click *here* if you'd like to download any fliers from the official Ron Paul Rally website.

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