Monday, March 31, 2008

Case of the Mondays

Here are a couple of stories we got from the local paper, "The Austin American Statesman":


Also, if you're in Hayes County here in Texas, please check out Bill Huddleston for Sheriff.


And, just for some fun...
Disclaimer: PNAC Radio does not necessarily endorse any of the above three links, but we do support you questioning your reality...but I don't know that these links are going to help you do that. Anyway, have a good time laughing, for once...


Also, here is the video that we talked to Terry about today that shows Danny Riley up in NH...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Allegory of the Cave

First off, we started talking about differences between the fantastic works of 1984 and Brave New World, mostly in regard to the different dystopian worlds they depicted. 


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Citizine & Such

A hoy,
First off, a video for your enjoyment from our Gary Franchi confronting Tom Ridge, the former director of Homeland Security:


Also, on the show today we have Thom White, creator of the locally made magazine CITIZINE. 


And here is a video from our friends at Prison Planet. I wonder if they're planning on using this training...also check out the second clip, which is all about EMD shock bracelets that might be your new flight ticket...


Also, for the REAL ID weekly segment, we had Sheila, creator of Beat The Chip, on the show to discuss some actions we can take against READ ID legislation. Check out her site at:

Also, here are the phone numbers for John Cornyn:

Also check out so you can learn yourself something about lobbying, lobbyists, and what role money plays in Washington (hint: it's important). 


And in financial news...


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Loose End Links

Hello all,
Here are some links from our financial guru in-training, Alex the Bruce:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Musica & such...

Hello there,
First off, feel free to check out some sites that we really like to get our news from:

Yes, we're playing tomorrow, here are the details:

Tuesday, March 25th
The Carousel Lounge, 1110 E. 52nd Street
And sorry kids, but it is 21 & up


...and also, here's another event you might be interested in:

Bob Schultz at UT
Today, 7-9pm
ART 1.110 on UT Campus
San Jacinto and 23rd
Austin, TX


Oh, and mark your calendars...

Don't Mess With Texas TURF
Save the Date - April 5 - and spread the word...  Last year, we marched down Congress Avenue on Texas Independence Day to say NO to the TTC and tolls. On April 5, we want to kick it up a notch and have the BIGGEST crowd EVER! We've invited TX Rep. Ron Paul, VA Rep. Virgil Goode, OH Rep. Marcy Kaptur, OK Sen. Randy Brogdon, (all of whom have introduced and/or passed legislation to stop funding the TTC, SPP, and NAU) along with many Texas State Legislators who are leading the fight against the TTC and tolls across Texas and AMERICA! 

Lou Dobbs couldn't believe Texans would allow Rick Perry and the Texas Legislature to steal our land and allow the TTC to be built. "What happened to 'Don't Mess With Texas?'" (See it here


The march begins at 12:15 pm (line up at 11:45 am*)

March down Congress Avenue then rally 
on the south Capitol steps from 
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

*The staging area for the march will be at the parking lots at the corner of 
Hwy 343/Ceasar Chavez St. & Red River St. (one block west of I-35). Begin lining up at 11:45 am.

Download flyer here
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Remote Blogging

I'll be updating the blog remotely which is a technological break-through for us here at PNAC Radio.

But, seriousness aside, our friend Bob Schultz is speaking on UT campus very soon, here are the details:

Bob Schultz on the future of the Ron Paul Revolution
UT Campus, ART Building (ART 1.110)
Monday, 3/24/08


Lots of energy talk today, here's that clip that Alex brought up about salt water burning from using radio waves:

Also go to Water Powered Car to find out more about...well...water powered cars. 

And also check out:


Also, might as well take a minute to talk about our bumper music, or at least refer all two of you to the record label from which it comes. 

So, please, patronize Constellation Records.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Robot Dogs

Robot dogs...look here

Pretty crazy to see something robotic react to real-life stimuli so accordingly and effectively. Seriously, this is crazy, so we'll most certainly be talking about this today!


Ah yes, and go find out about derivatives and credit-default-swaps and such at:

This is where you can find Alex, and other people, that are all looking to make sense of what's going on right now in our so-called economy. 

Also check out the blacklistednews article:


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Monday, March 17, 2008

Failure Mechanics

So, lots of fun economic news. Here are some links:

And also, here is a really good article called the "Subprime Primer", which is highly recommended by our financial guru in-training, Alex. It's sweet, simple, and to the point, to say the least. 

(note: the above image is from a very very cool comic from LA, who is called Mr. Fish. No, we don't agree with everything he says, but he's got some damn good insight into some very pertinent issues)

Monday, March 10, 2008

The most organized PNAC Radio Show ever...maybe.

First off, today on the show we talked to Sheila from, whom we had on several weeks ago. She's doing a lot of good work, so please do check out her site...

Also, we had the pleasure of having Bob Schultz, founder of the We The People Foundation whom is featured prominently in the film "America: From Freedom to Fascism", on the show during the first hour. We're all big fans of his work and urge you to check out both of these sites:

You will find petitions and information above. Please check it out...


Mr. Connor has also brought to our attention a thing called the MOTHERS Act which 'seeks to Drug Expectant Mothers with Antidepressants to "Treat" Postpartum Depression. The story can be found here, and it's from

Surprise surprise, there's terrible stuff in your drinking water. Check it out at Black Listed News...


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hello folks,
Everyone on the show went to conventions last night (not Caucuses, as I've just learned) last night; so we've been going over that on the show today. Feel free to leave a story or two about your experiences in the comments section 

At 7pm, during our Wednesday Financial Hour of Fun, with Doc and Alex, from 7-8pm, we'll be joined by Lee Rogers, of, who also has a radio show here at on Saturdays from 10am-12pm.


And don't forget to listen to our show archives, which are available via Or just click either of these links...