Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Citizine & Such

A hoy,
First off, a video for your enjoyment from our Gary Franchi confronting Tom Ridge, the former director of Homeland Security:


Also, on the show today we have Thom White, creator of the locally made magazine CITIZINE. 


And here is a video from our friends at Prison Planet. I wonder if they're planning on using this training...also check out the second clip, which is all about EMD shock bracelets that might be your new flight ticket...


Also, for the REAL ID weekly segment, we had Sheila, creator of Beat The Chip, on the show to discuss some actions we can take against READ ID legislation. Check out her site at:

Also, here are the phone numbers for John Cornyn:

Also check out so you can learn yourself something about lobbying, lobbyists, and what role money plays in Washington (hint: it's important). 


And in financial news...


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