Friday, March 21, 2008

Remote Blogging

I'll be updating the blog remotely which is a technological break-through for us here at PNAC Radio.

But, seriousness aside, our friend Bob Schultz is speaking on UT campus very soon, here are the details:

Bob Schultz on the future of the Ron Paul Revolution
UT Campus, ART Building (ART 1.110)
Monday, 3/24/08


Lots of energy talk today, here's that clip that Alex brought up about salt water burning from using radio waves:

Also go to Water Powered Car to find out more about...well...water powered cars. 

And also check out:


Also, might as well take a minute to talk about our bumper music, or at least refer all two of you to the record label from which it comes. 

So, please, patronize Constellation Records.

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