Monday, March 10, 2008

The most organized PNAC Radio Show ever...maybe.

First off, today on the show we talked to Sheila from, whom we had on several weeks ago. She's doing a lot of good work, so please do check out her site...

Also, we had the pleasure of having Bob Schultz, founder of the We The People Foundation whom is featured prominently in the film "America: From Freedom to Fascism", on the show during the first hour. We're all big fans of his work and urge you to check out both of these sites:

You will find petitions and information above. Please check it out...


Mr. Connor has also brought to our attention a thing called the MOTHERS Act which 'seeks to Drug Expectant Mothers with Antidepressants to "Treat" Postpartum Depression. The story can be found here, and it's from

Surprise surprise, there's terrible stuff in your drinking water. Check it out at Black Listed News...


Oh yeah, visit BRAVE NEW BOOKS

And check out our archives on please?


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