Friday, May 2, 2008

The Sims (DoD Expansion Pack)

First off, we have Sam Osemene, or Osemene  in studio today. He's running for Austin City Council and we are most happy to have him. If you'd like to learn more about his platform, please go to his website:

Lots of fantastic surveillance stories today. I, Jon that is, am starting to think that this coming police state we're going to see is going to be more and more invisible than anyone yet imagines. There are quite a few virtual simulations under way, or that are about to be, that have VR avatars for...well...everyone in 64 countries. Yes, you read correctly. Please, learn more about Sentient World Simulation. Which, I might add, is supposed to be a 

"continuously running, continually updated mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action. SWS will react to actual events that occur anywhere in the world and incorporate newly sensed data from the real world. [...] As the models influence each other and the shared synthetic environment, behaviors and trends emerge in the synthetic world as they do in the real world. Analysis can be performed on the trends in the synthetic world to validate alternate worldviews. [...] Information can be easily displayed and readily transitioned from one focus to another using detailed modeling, such as engineering level modeling, to aggregated strategic, theater, or campaign-level modeling." For Purdue abstract from Alok Chaturvedi titled Computational Challenges for a Sentient World Simulation published March 10, 2006, click here

Here are some other related articles. The first two are from the very cool George Washington's Blog:

- We talked about Chertoff's statements earlier in the month when they were made, but nonetheless, here's an article entitled "U.S. Has Launched a Cyber Security 'Manhattan Project,' Homeland Security Chief Claims"

And, perhaps the most shocking article published yesterday, though underreported no doubt:


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