Wednesday, April 9, 2008

After a rough start, Jon told us about the lecture he attended, "Stealing an Election," by David Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson is a computer science professor @ UT and discussed how easy it would be to steal an election (as you may have guessed).

We also announced the impending visit of G. Edward Griffin; he'll be here April 29th in Jester, Room 121A, @ 21st Street and Speedway on the UT Campus. We'll have more details soon enough...

Next, we began talking about Jesse Ventura and his view that the 2nd Ammendment of the U.S.' Constitution is for the citizens to rise against the government should it ever become tyrranical...

Hannity and Colmes Interview:

Colbert Report Interview:

We then began our weekly segment with Sheila Dean; she also brought on Mark Lerner, who can be reached @; if you contact him, he can send you some documents on RealID and DLA (Driver's License Agreement), which you can then send to your state legislators so they can fight it in their respective Legislatures.

Erin also told us about H.R. 5405, which enacts a sort of super-social security card; it should be noted that this could be a work-around in case RealID fails (we'd still have a national ID-card). She was also gracious enough to provide us with a few links:

Contact your U.S. Representative @:

H.R. 5405:

More H.R. 5405 info:

Mark over @ also informed us that many 9/11 videos on GoogleVideo are being destroyed? This could be tied to his posting links on many popular 9/11-Truth websites (i.e. is mainly a portal website; Erin also told us that her website has broken links and interestingly enough, all her broken links are related to the North American Union...kind of creepy...

Another corollary, this could be some kind of false-flag event to promote Internet 2.0, perhaps? Casey told us that the new CERN Super Collider, though it could unleash black holes upon the Earth, it also marks the beginning of the first servers of Internet 2.0 coming online (that's in July, btw...).

Matt brought up the article of Life Prison Terms for Filipino rice thieves:

And Casey also brought up this:

I know it looks funny, but he actually had a salient point: the government makes mistakes!

Matt used the classic 'segue from hell' to mention that Phillip Zelikow will be on the UT Austin campus tomorrow! He'll be in the Brown Room on the 10th floor of the LBJ library @ 5PM; he's basically a complete Neocon who helped change our election systems in 2001 and was the co-chair of the 9/11 Commission Report, interestingly enough...! Be sure to be polite, but definitely make your questions...pointed...

Info here:

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Cya Friday,

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Monkey said...

Hello! Just heard you guys on the air for the first time today, and I have to say that I enjoyed the show.

the only problem I ran into was finding your blog online after your plug this afternoon. (I didn't know there was no 'E' in PNAC ^_^)

Keep up the amazing work~